Hotlink protection is the way to restrict other sites from direct linking files such as images.

Why hotlink protection is good ?

You can stop copyrighted images and save bandwidth usage by hotlink your images.
let’s begin with enabling/disabling it.

  1. Login to cPanel buy viagra new zealand online. In the cPanel home page navigate to security group and then select the Hotlink Protection el mejor sitio
  2. You should see an option “URLs to allow access” Now the system fetches the URLs of all the domains on your site including add-on domains, subdomains, aliased domains and parked domains. You can add or remove the sites from this list to access if you wish.
  3. In the next field “Block direct access for these extensions”, you can specify the file types that you want to block. If you would like to block the pictures add page.jpeg, .jpg, el mejor sitio.bmp, .gif, .png to the extensions list. Now that you have enabled retriction to access those file types for specified domain name.
  4. Next field is “Redirect request to this URL”. You can set redirect here where you want to redirect someone upon accessing those file types.
  5. Upon clicking submit button, a confirmation message will now appear with the sites that are allowed to link to files in your account and the file extensions that it protects.
  6. Hotlink protection will be enabled. The websites listed will be hot-linked to shown file types.
  7. If you want to disable again, just click the disable button.

Good Luck!

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