What is leech protection ?

Its a security feature in cPanel which prevents posting password insecurely. you can prevent users from logging in multiple times within a short time period using this feature. You can set max number of logins, while the default value is set to 2 hours. If the users exceed the login limit, you can redirect them to another URL, send an alert e-mail, or potentially suspending the user.

Lets Being with enabling leech protection :

  1. Login to cPanel and then scroll down to the security group & select the leech protection.
  2. The “Leech Protection Directory selection” window will now appear. Here you have to select the directory you want to start espanolfarm.com page. Then select the web directory and click the go button.
  3. Now the leech protection navigation interface will appear. To navigate to the directory, click the directory icon and click the directory name to select the directory and a new interface will appear.
  4. At first, we will set a limit for the number of times a user can log in to the directory within a two-hour period. This limits the user based on the limit you have set.
  5. Then on the next box “URL to Redirect Leech Users to” enter a URL to direct users who login in more than that number of times.
  6. Next, we can select whether to send an alert when someone login too many times and we can enter the email address to alert. Click on the checkbox “Send Email Alert To”.
  7. Select the “Disable Compromised Accounts” checkbox to suspend the users who exceed the maximum number of logins within a two-hour period.
  8. Now Click on Enable button.

Steps to disable leech protection :

  1. Select the leech protection from security tab of the cPanel home screen.
  2. Click the name of the directory that you wish to disable.
  3. Click on disable button.

Good Luck!

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